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Capturi is an all-in-one meeting tool that helps professional teams get the most out of their meetings and capture the knowledge in the meeting room.

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Capturi for smarter meetings

Smarter meetings with AI

Capturi captures the important parts of your meeting and turns them into organized, searchable knowledge.

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Who? What? When?

Lost track of your meetings? With Capturi everything is searchable, structured and gathered in one place.

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Be better prepared with less effort

Enjoy the digital benefits of collaborating on the agenda creation and preparing for all your meetings in ONE convenient place.

Capture knowledge automatically

With AI and speech recognition you can document your meetings automatically and free your team to focus on quality face-to-face discussions with each other!

Rethink your meeting minutes

When the meeting is done, attendees receive a meeting overview containing the meeting's keywords, decisions, tasks, photos, summary, personal notes, and audio bookmarks.

Get up to speed swiftly

No more looking for lost notes. With Capturi, your meeting info is always at your fingertips – simply jump back for a quick recap of important highlights.

"Capturi has changed everything. When I get the new agenda, I can easily flip back to the last meeting and see what we discussed last time. Ultimately, a lot less knowledge and information gets dropped and we are able to deliver services better because of Capturi."

- Randy Spade, Mayor, Jeromesville, Ohio

Turn talk into action


Document your meeting conversations with AI and speech recognition and feel safe that all your details are captured.
Be better prepared with less effort through easy access to the essential information from your previous meetings.
Search for the information you need and relisten to important topics to refresh your memory.

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