Clone Your Top Performers...

...and close more deals.

Using AI and speech recognition, Capturi gives you valuable insights from your online sales meetings and enables you to clone effective sales behavior across your team.

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Better Sales Coaching

Unlock hidden insights from your team's best sales calls.

As a sales manager, you can't sit in on every call. Capturi helps you understand what sets your top performers apart based on data, not guesswork.

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Faster Onboarding

Shorten onboarding and ramp-up new sales reps in no time.

Get new hires up to speed by giving them glimpses of your team's best calls so they can copy-paste best practices at each stage of the sales cycle. Easily replicate deal-winning tactics and slash onboarding time by half.

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Build a Sales Strategy that wins more deals

Want to build a winning playbook?

AI data reveals what your star reps do differently: which questions they ask, how they discuss pricing and their talk-to-listen ratio. Measure team performance, compare and analyze what parameters lead to closing the deal.

Use Capturi to identify why your top performers win and make it a repeatable formula for the entire team.





Industry standards imply that companies that use AI-powered software for conversation analysis will see improvements in 10-30% of deal close rates.

Encrypted communication

Capturi uses encrypted communication, ensuring that data is unreadable to third parties online. For uploading and downloading documents, we use the encrypted HTTPS protocol. 


GDPR Compliant

Capturi’s data security complies with even the most stringent data protection policies. We encrypt all the data handled by our services to ensure your privacy.