Energy prices double the number of customer calls in the energy sector

Across Scandinavia, customer centers face an explosive increase in the number of customer queries related to billing and payment. This is mainly due to high energy prices and rising inflation, which have a major impact on both families and businesses. Capturi’s CRO, Jacob Emil Opstrup, dives into the typical customer service queries and shares his best advice for companies in the energy sector.

Conversational AI analyses from Capturi show a clear trend of increasing incoming calls, customer dissatisfaction and frustration. But according to Jacob Emil Opstrup, there are several things you can do to maintain a high level of customer service.

"We can see that financial issues are on customers' minds and that they are showing concern. That's why it is important that the staff at the customer centers show understanding of customers' concerns and at the same time are solution-oriented."

According to a new survey by Capturi , up to 70% of all customers in the energy sector mention billing. And as many as 33% of these cannot afford to pay their bills on time. And in this context, it matters a lot how customer service departments deal with these issues. According to Jacob Emil Opstrup, finding solutions to payment problems or questions is not enough. Employees also need to make an extra effort to improve the company's service level.

"Service is first and foremost about empathizing with customers," he says, adding: "And so positive language is also important in this case. In fact, we find that using positive and empathetic language can increase the likelihood of satisfied customers by up to 30% in conversations about energy prices."

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