Customer case: How Rejsekort's contact center uses technology to improve their external communication

With many daily users, Rejsekort experiences many different types of inquiries. To reduce the number of unnecessary calls to the customer center, they occasionally send out notices to customers. They use conversation analysis to ensure their messages are always on point.

In Rejsekort's contact center, they do not only use call analysis to improve their overall customer satisfaction, but also to evaluate their external communication.

So, every time Rejsekort's communications department sends out new information, they do not just rely on their own gut feeling, but also need to take customer reactions into account.

"When we send out new pieces of information, it's important that we ensure that the messages are communicated in a clear and transparent way," says Rejsekort's Customer Center Coordinator, Klarafine Lildholdt.

She explains that they use conversation analysis to ensure that their external messages are not misunderstood: "In April 2022, we sent out a notice of changed terms to a total of 214,000 pensioners. In this particular case, we didn’t require any specific action from the pensioners. Afterwards, we used to track how many customers referred to this specific letter over the next few weeks."

According to Klarafine Lildholdt, the result was positive: "We experienced as little as 0.6% calls related to this particular notice, which means that we were generally successful with our communication," she says, elaborating:

"It's important to us that our customers get the help they need at all times. And at the end of the day, it's equally important that we learn from our successful communications as from our less successful ones. So, if we can use that information to pre- vent customers calling us with unnecessary questions, that's super positive."

General facts about external communication

According to new research from Capturi , around 10% of all customers or citizens mention external communication via emails, text messages or letters when they call a contact center. Among other things, the analysis shows that ...

  • a majority of all external communication requests concern communication by e-mail
  • in queries related to external communication, customers are about 50% more likely to express dissatisfaction
  • you can avoid an increase in these types of calls by sharing information from your calls with other departments. This way, you can give your marketing or communication department a better insight into what works
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