Customer case: How conversational AI enhances the understanding of Folkspel's customer journey

Folkspel has successfully gathered valuable insights from its sales and customer service departments. This approach provides an overview of the customer journey, starting from the initial interaction and extending throughout ongoing conversations.

The Advantages of Combining Insights from Sales and Customer Service Departments

Implementing Capturi's conversational AI in both sales and customer service provides valuable insights for enhancing performance in each of the departments. It also offers a clear understanding of the customer experience at each touchpoint along their journey – from initial sales calls to further interactions with customer service.

If you are primarily focused on increasing the success rate in your sales department, you will get information about

  • whether the salespeople meet the department's quality requirements
  • which types of introductions lead to longer call times
  • which types of USPs sales reps should mention to ensure a successful conversation

If you have primarily focused on optimizing customer service inquiries, you will get information about ...

  • how your employees can become even better at succeeding in their jobs
  • why some customers consider canceling their subscription and which win-back strategies will ensure retention
  • how you can elevate your customer satisfaction levels

A combination of these insights offers a comprehensive understanding of improvement areas in both sales and customer service.

How Folkspel combined information from inbound and outbound calls for greater insight into the entire customer journey

To gain insight into the entire customer journey, the Swedish lottery company Folkspel continuously combines insights from its customer conversations with call analyses from its sales calls, which they outsource to an external partner.

They use this combination of insights to get a concrete overview of why some customers consider canceling their subscription within the first 30 days. Once they have identified the reasons, they update their sales scripts and streamline their communications - both in their sales calls and in the following dialogue.

The combined analysis can also help individual departments gain an overview of which types of behaviors lead to cancelations and frustration and which phrases lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Finally, Folkspel uses the analyses to ensure that all guidelines are followed in all calls and that their external partner meets Folkspel's requirements and high standards.

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