Customer case: How a Danish union increased their success rate by 71% using conversational AI

It can be hard to achieve high results if you are not sure what works. To learn more about the impact Capturi has on their sales performance, a Danish union decided to test how much the insights from conversation analysis helped increase their success rate.

How conversational AI works in sales departments

Once you have implemented Capturi's conversation analysis in your sales department, the platform automatically analyzes all your sales calls and provides an overview of which strategies are driving results for your team.

This makes it even easier for your salespeople to standardize their processes and make sure they follow their script and use the right strategies at the right time.

If you also use Capturi in your customer center, you can combine the insights from the sales and customer service departments to get an overall view of the entire customer journey.

Customer case: How a Danish union increased its success rate by 71%

In late 2022, a Danish union implemented conversation analysis in their sales department as part of an effort to increase the quality of sales calls, the team's overall success rate, and the department's winback rate.

The sales department's overall goal during this period was to retain more customers – and to get a more accurate insight into the effect Capturi has on these types of conversations, the sales management launched an A/B test. They did this by dividing the sales reps into two teams: Team A and Team B.

During the test, Team A employees were given access to data-driven insights from Capturi, while Team B employees continued as before.

The hypothesis was that salespeople needed to increase the call length to maximize the winback rate. Therefore, Team A mainly focused on opening the conversation in the best possible way.

To identify the most successful introduction methods, Team A collected and visualized insights and successful phrases from their conversations in a dashboard. This way, they could easily track which words typically resulted in longer conversations – and at the same time, learn more about the impact longer conversations have on their overall success rate. In addition, they could see which phrases they could use more often and be motivated by their progress.

The A/B test ran for a month, and during that time...
- Team A increased their overall call length by 8% and success rate by 71%
- Team B increased their overall call length by 3% and success rate by 21%

Although both teams managed to improve during the test period, the union's test has shown the impact of insights and individual coaching on employee success, motivation, and performance.

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