Customer case: How HiFi-Klubben has enhanced the quality of their customer calls

When customer service managers want to develop their employees in a positive direction, it is important that they focus on a few specific areas at a time. This way, they ensure that their employees have a solid grasp on one core area before moving on to the next one.

In this customer case, we zoom in on how the electronics company Hifi-Klubben has used conversation analysis to enhance their performance within specific focus areas.

How HiFi-Klubben has used insights to enhance their customer service level

When you want to improve your customer service level, it is important that you first and foremost get an overview of your customers' typical inquiries. According to HiFi-Klubben's Global Customer Service Manager, Phillip Sønderskov, this overview helps them creating better experiences: "Capturi has given us a deep understanding of processes and blind spots that are often forgotten among the many inquiries we receive every day. Using dashboards and trackers, we have made these blind spots visible, allowing us to proactively take action by optimizing our processes and raising our service levels."

For example, HiFi-Klubben has gained insight into which brands customers mention most frequently. Also, it turns out that conversations about one specific brand are both longer and a source of higher levels of frustration and negative customer feedback than other types of conversations. The department uses these insights to coach their employees to handle the most common queries in a faster and more efficient way.

In addition to these brand-specific insights, HiFi-Klubben has gained insights on how to improve their dialogues. From there, they have focused on improving their introductions, dialogues, empathy level, approachability, and outro, and their efforts have paid off. Since implementing Capturi, they have improved their customer satisfaction by more than 60%. In this case, their satisfaction level is measured by how often customers express themselves in a positive way by using words such as "Great" or "Thank you".

In close collaboration with Hifi-Klubben, we have found that using positive language and empathy alone can raise customer satisfaction by 20%.

How HiFi-Klubben uses conversation analysis to coach employees

To be able to achieve measurable results, it is crucial for employees to know what they can do differently. And to support this development in the best possible way, Hifi-Klubben has set up customized dashboards for each individual employee.

The advantage of this type of dashboard is that it provides a simple overview of each employee's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides insights into which employees excel at creating positive conversations with customers and which ones typically resolve customer issues during the first call.

This way, it becomes easier for each individual employee to highlight their strengths and stay motivated to work on improving their weaknesses.

As a result of their efforts, Hifi-Klubben has reduced their average call time by 15% over the past year.

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